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Mr. Baliram Sharma

Chairman (VPMGNS)

  • +91 9431193104

Chairman's Message

We are living in a fast changing world. Knowledge has expanded beyond the classrooms and school campuses. In today’s world, how much you know does not matter, application of the acquired knowledge is more important. Our pedagogical practices have to shift from teaching to learning. In emerging global dynamics, educators (GURUS) have to play the role of change managers. Through my year of experience, I have come to believe that School/Guru plays the most important role in the academic development of the student. It is said “GURU BRAMHA, GURU VISHNU, GURU DEVO MAHESHWARA, GURU SHAKSHAT PARAM BRAMHA, TASMAI SHREE GURU VE NAMAH”. The aim behind starting VPM Gyan Niketan School was that quality education should be available at all levels and for all. It is my positive belief that all children have the qualities to be successful in this quality. I, with my team at step by step, pray to the almighty for the bright future of our children at all times.